Rutgers Magazine

A Passion and a Cause

During the winter as he dressed for work, Steve Vaccaro found himself once again massaging his right knee, the one he banged up in the fall of 2012 when a car turned into the path of his bike as he rode in New York City.


Healing Dallas by Repurposing its Abandoned Jails

This Q&A for the Texas Observer online magazine is with Mark Lamster, architecture critic at The Dallas Morning News, who suggested the city should convert its many abandoned jails into hotels, schools and other facilities for reshaping the city and its urban planning.


Central Park Safety

This alumni profile for the University of Nevada Las Vegas talks with Matthew Falber about his advocacy work to restore pre-car architectural details in New York’s Central Park in order to improve street safety.


Profile: Hilda Cohen

When a nine-year-old from her neighborhood was killed by a speeding car, Hilda Cohen, who studied urban design at the UO, joined with fellow Brooklyn parents to start Make Brooklyn Safer, an organization that champions street safety by promoting secure places to take kids biking and telling police about problem intersections.


The Transforming Power of Houston-Grown Citrus

This article for local alternative-weekly Houston Press, owned by Voice Media Group, is about changes in local food sources and horticulture, with an increase in hybrid citrus plants that survive better in winter at a higher latitude.


Kellye Rosenheim, BA’82, Found Her Calling in Bird-Watching

This alumni profile for Vanderbilt Magazine talks with Kellye Rosenheim, director of development at New York City Audubon, about the book she co-authored, Birdwatching in New York City and on Long Island.