In articles and communications, I’ve written about medical technology, engineering, information technology (IT), and other technical areas.

In help documentation and technical writing, I have written very clear, understandable instructions explaining actions, such as how to use Drupal and light HTML to make blog and website posts and updates for a laboratory’s communications department.

For Science Careers magazine, I wrote about a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute whale researcher’s daily use of his IT background.

Here’s a technical blog I did for the University of Utah Water Center about one environmental engineer’s work in water analysis and water safety.

Before starting my writing business, I spent nearly three years as a communications strategist at a 4,000-employee diagnostic laboratory that is a nonprofit enterprise of the University of Utah, co-managing a blog and writing for an annual digital magazine covering laboratory automation, robotics, other healthcare technology stories; and human stories in health and science. Below are a few samples:

Robot Automates Major Lab’s Test in Unexpected Way

This article is about a machine/robot called the Data Matrix Scanner, created by the lab’s in-house engineering department to automate high-volume testing of cholesterol particles.
Automation in Bacteriology: Oh, the Places It Will Go!

Microbiology’s delicate processes were difficult to automate—but that’s changing.

Lab Innovations and Flashing Lights: Tech Fair at ARUP

This article rounds up several technologies innovated by employees. For instance, Pipette-to-Light illuminates one well in a 96-well plate, allowing a technologist to correctly introduce microorganisms into cultures where they can grow and reproduce. It can be used for tests including Lyme disease and other infectious conditions.


I wrote about a hand-held device for testing prostate cancer in the field, for Mechanical Engineering magazine, the membership publication of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). It’s available to members.

Keen for more? Check out some of my work in environment and public health, journalism, technical reports and white papers, B2B, or editing.


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Catherine B. Arnold is a hired pen writing about science, health, urbanism, and wildly unrelated areas. She’s published articles in the Washington Post, Seattle Times, Science Careers, Bicycling, and NBC Health; and does content marketing for NGOs, universities, organizations, and companies.