Nonprofit and Equity Writing

Speechwriting samples available on request.

Other work: op ed writing, advancement and development writing, longform and short form editing.

Upcoming: Work in National Wildlife Federation’s magazine, and University of Utah Water Center Blog.

American Forests magazine, American Forests, Summer 2020

University of Utah Water Center Blog

June 2020: Editing and content development of web pages, Opportunity Council, a housing and education nonprofit in Bellingham, Wash.

Ready to move on? Check out my work in environment and public health, journalism, technical reports and white papers, or editing.


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Catherine B. Arnold is a hired pen writing about science, health, urbanism, and wildly unrelated areas. She’s published articles in the Washington Post, Seattle Times, Science Careers, Bicycling, and NBC Health; and does content marketing for NGOs, universities, organizations, and companies.