Art licensing and illustration work for nature, nurseries, cities

My art licensing illustrations are available on print on demand sites, my own sales, and elsewhere. They include work in nature, animals, the West, cities/urban planning, and children’s images.

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(Above) Santa Owl illustration on a pin, by Snowseasons/Catherine Arnold

(Below) Chanukkah/Happy Feast illustration on an art print, by Snowseasons/Catherine Arnold

(Above) Thistle House illustration on a magnet, by Snowseasons/Catherine Arnold

(Below) Speckle Cat illustration on a pin, by Snowseasons/Catherine Arnold

[Excerpt from my Substack newsletter, Climbing Grasses] For my New Year 2023 project, I plan to learn more about licensing my illustrations. The term means an artist gives a manufacturer permission to use their work in exchange for payment. In preparation for that, I’m reading Lisa Congdon’s Art Inc., which is great. But I also plan to set timers and watch training videos about the topic.

In addition, I’ll ask a few art-interested neighbors to watch art licensing videos at my place in a sort of peer support group. It strikes me as a good way to meet nearby folks and learn about art as a business.

Would you check out such a group if it existed in your area? I’ve also considered cookie swap parties. Ever thrown a party to meet the neighbors?

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