Here are articles I’ve written for publications including the Washington Post, Seattle Times, Science Careers, Bicycling, and NBC Health.


Whale Researcher Uses Coding Skills

In this piece for Science Careers magazine, Woods Hole marine scientist and whale researcher Mark Baumgartner discusses his technology background.

Bike Fashion Photographer Sam Polcer

When photographer Sam Polcer began snapping photos of New York City cyclists in 2012, his goal was “to make cycling look as good as it feels.”


Give ’em room! Bystanders injured by video game players

This piece for The Body Odd looks at a study of videogame-user injuries.

The Washington Post

Artful Dodges, and Hondas, and . . .

This travel article for the Washington Post is about several art-car parades around the United States.

The Washington Post

They Came From Hollywood

This article for the Washington Post Travel section looks at several B-movie festivals around the United States. It begins: ‘Sick of hearing about the crowds at Sundance or what Oscar has on his mind this year? It’s time for films with a different, shall we say, slant to them.’

Healing Dallas by Repurposing its Abandoned Jails

This Q&A for the Texas Observer online magazine is with Mark Lamster, architecture critic at The Dallas Morning News, who suggested the city should convert its many abandoned jails into hotels, schools and other facilities for reshaping the city and its urban planning.

Home sweet, cozy home

Before tiny homes fully came on board, this piece for the Seattle Times real estate section looks at people who’ve chosen to live in houses under 1000 feet in size.

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