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Clients have included Johns Hopkins University, University of California Berkeley, University of Washington, Tufts University, and University of Minnesota.

Regular clients include departments at University of Colorado, University of Washington, and University of Vermont.

Healing with a clear target

Tania Betancourt, Ph.D., is one of a team of professors leading work in targeted cancer treatment research using nanomaterials. She’s also sharing real-world techniques that help college students build a biomedical future. Sponsored content article for a university via the content agency Texas Monthly Studio. [1400 words, longform magazine style]

How to camp like an infectious disease expert during COVID-19

Q&A for University of Washington Alumni Magazine.


In this institutional-publications article for University of Minnesota Libraries, I wrote about their new transgender guide—aimed at researchers who need to find #transgender, not just LGBTQ, materials.


What does nonstop handwashing do to your hands?

For University of Washington, this interview with a dermatologist during COVID-19 quarantine was the second-most popular article posted in a social-media push by the alumni magazine. Also learned: how to avoid skin infections.


Forest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni keeps nature in touch

Forest ecologist and University of Utah professor Nalini Nadkarni’s work with incarcerated peoples and in academic outreach, including diatom dresses, are topics in this higher-education profile.

Minnesota Magazine

The mushroom man

This profile for the University of Minnesota alumni magazine addresses invasive species and mycology. It starts: “The call arrived at 7 p.m. from a hospital in Davis County, Utah. A worried emergency room doctor wanted University of Utah mycologist Bryn Dentinger (Ph.D. ’07) to identify a mushroom possibly eaten by a boy who was a patient.”

Mentoring natural leaders

Having learned about nature in a segregated Boy Scout troop in the St. Louis area, alum Stephen Lockhart was named a Champion of Change by the White House in 2014 for his work supporting environmental education. He says he and others, such as friend Sally Jewell, 51st secretary of the interior), aim to create tomorrow’s conservation leaders. Read here about his background and volunteer work in such outdoors roles.


Dinosaur discovery, alum paleontologist

“This one was a plant-eater and has kind of a wide grin. Not too fearsome, but I wouldn’t want to get whacked by that bony-tailed club,” says UC Berkeley grad Randall Irmis, discussing a spiky-headed dinosaur assembled before us in squat, bony glory at the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU).

Minnesota Magazine

Seeing nature everywhere

Author Julia Corbett on how “everyday” nature can help us focus on issues like climate change.


Virtual reality helps physical therapy students see new answers

This article for the University of Minnesota Libraries newsletter Continuum is about virtual reality and other technology librarians bring to physical therapy and other health students.

Johns Hopkins Magazine

Children’s success in school affected by vision

This alumni piece for Johns Hopkins Magazine looks at a Baltimore study of what happens—to vision, behavior, and academic performance—when children are given free glasses at school.


Advice to my younger self: dinosaur researcher

Here’s a piece for the University of Michigan’s magazine Michigan Alumnus. Crocodiles are sharp-toothed, right? The answer seems obvious. But using 3D-mapping technology, Keegan Melstrom, ’12, and a colleague took a new look at the dining habits of now-extinct crocodiles.

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