Healthcare technology

Robot Automates Major Lab’s Test in Unexpected Way

This article for the ARUP Laboratories blog is about a machine/robot called the Data Matrix Scanner created by the lab’s in-house engineering department to automate high-volume testing of cholesterol particles. [blog]

Automation in Bacteriology: Oh, the Places It Will Go!

Microbiology’s delicate processes were difficult to automate—but that’s changing. [blog]

Keeping a Major Lab’s Information System in Shape

Two technology workers on a 4,000-employee healthcare laboratory’s information system receive an honor. [blog]

Lab Innovations and Flashing Lights: Tech Fair at ARUP

This article for the ARUP Laboratories blog rounds up several technologies innovated by employees. For instance, Pipette-to-Light illuminates one well in a 96-well plate, allowing a technologist to correctly introduce microorganisms into cultures where they can grow and reproduce. It can be used for tests including Lyme disease and other infectious conditions. [blog]