Environmental and public health, and environment/nature

From clinical subject to disease researcher

In this article for an environmental health division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), I wrote about an endometriosis researcher working to achieve non-surgical diagnosis for the disease.

How green spaces (and equitable access to them) are good for the mind and soul

This article for American Forests addresses better public health for students in schools with vegetation and trees, among other topics. [1200 words, magazine style]

West Coast cities and wildfire public health

For Smart Cities Dive, this piece looks at three West Coast cities’ efforts to improve public health for citizens during summer wildfire smoke events. [1500 words, longform article for a business + government trade publication]

In pandemic, people are turning to nature especially women

Here’s a study story for University of Vermont Gund Institute of Environment about outdoor access use during the COVID-19 pandemic. [longform blog/study article]

Assessing water risk

“It’s not enough to say ‘yes, there are pathogens and people can get sick,’” says water engineer Dr. Jennifer Weidhaas. “We need to get suggestions to decision-makers so they can improve their system.” Short profile of Weidhaas’ work in public health, for the University of Utah Water Center. [blog article]

Inside the McDonald Observatory’s effort to preserve the darkest skies in West Texas

This article for the University of Texas alumni magazine, Alcalde, addresses public and environmental health impacts of increased light pollution blocking our view of the night sky. [1200 words, magazine style]

After Hurricane Harvey, using prairie plants to absorb flood water

In a story that impacts individuals around the world, a botanical garden looks at the ability of native plants to decrease flood risk and improve public health. [1100 words, magazine style]

Healthy soils are life-giving black gold

This longform article for Science News for Students (with Washington, D.C.-based Society for Science and the Public) is about soil health’s effects on our food, surroundings, and climate change. [1200 words, magazine style]

Beavers create manageable floods that help the land

This article for National Wildlife Federation’s magazine covers beavers’ abilities to clean and increase water sources for public health improvements. [1100 words, magazine style]

Wildfires, population growth, 50 years of Salt Lake water: an EPA study

For the University of Utah Water Center, this article addresses new research on how an Intermountain West city expected to double in population by 2050 can plan its water resources. [blog article]

Minnesota Magazine

Seeing nature everywhere

In a profile for the University of Minnesota alumni magazine, author Julia Corbett discusses how “everyday” nature can help us focus on issues like climate change. [700 words, magazine style]

Minnesota Magazine

The mushroom man

This profile for the University of Minnesota alumni magazine addresses invasive species and mycology. It starts: The call arrived at 7 p.m. from a hospital in Davis County, Utah. A worried emergency room doctor wanted University of Utah mycologist Bryn Dentinger (Ph.D. ’07) to identify a mushroom possibly eaten by a boy who was a patient. [600 words, magazine style]


Forest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni keeps nature in touch

For the University of Washington alumni magazine, this piece profiles forest ecologist and University of Utah professor Nalini Nadkarni’s work with incarcerated peoples and in academic outreach. [900 words, magazine style]


Whale researcher uses coding skills

In this piece for Science Careers magazine, Woods Hole marine scientist and whale researcher Mark Baumgartner discusses his technology background. [1100 words, magazine style]

University of Utah Water Center


A canal flows in Brooklyn

This Tufts University alumni magazine Q&A is with author Joseph Alexiou, whose book traces the history of the poisoned and picturesque Gowanus waterway between Carroll Gardens and Red Hook, Brooklyn. [600 words, magazine style]

On Wisconsin

Lisa Nett ’97: Arbor Day all the time

This piece for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s alumni magazine, OnWisconsin, is about an alum’s tree-ID classes in New York City. [600 words, magazine brief]

Johns Hopkins Magazine

Urban forager Ava Chin releases new book

For the Johns Hopkins alumni magazine, this is a Q&A with Ava Chin, former “Urban Forager” columnist for The New York Times and author of the book, Eating Wildly: Foraging for Life, Love, and the Perfect Meal (Simon & Schuster). [Q&A]

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