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Quarantine has turned our routines on end. Is that entirely bad? It’s a big change for nearly all of us, and some of us lost work that kept us motivated—and with regular income and health insurance—day to day.

Any chance that to an extent you’re enjoying the challenge—and the birdsong and decreased traffic? Some of us are starting businesses, or adding clients to existing business. I’ve been fortunate to keep working during quarantine, often on assignments I had the energy to pitch—and I’m grateful for that.

How do you feel? Slowly recovering? Baffled by job loss or the lack of a summer internship? Getting work but needing to take breaks to rest or care for children? Analyzing your industry to help it run more sustainably later? Pretty peaceful? Read on if you are looking for a support group, coaching, or a newsletter that provides useful nudges, specialist interviews, and information. Please #share if you know someone who may be interested!

I’m offering:

per-hour coaching

a free newsletter that will include many interviews from industry folks (on starting a business; working in journalism, content marketing, science writing; content and social media planning; topics such as urbanism, environment and conservation; others). I write around once a month.

Possibly to come later: A paid-subscription newsletter to talk you through each week, offering support to reach where you want to go. Starting a business? Finding a better job? Learning to find lasting clients? This newsletter will provide timely, useful information; community; and regular nudges to get started. Read more about me here.

Target audience includes those looking to start a business; a journalist, content marketer, writer, editor, content manager, graphic designer, others.

Contact Me. In the newsletter subscription form on my blog page, let me know your focus interest, include the word “coaching” or that you’re interested in the paid newsletter. Or email me at cb daht arnold at gmail. We’ll go from there!

Want to hear more? Check out my work in environment and public health, journalism, technical reports and white papers, or editing.


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Catherine B. Arnold is a hired pen writing about science, health, urbanism, and wildly unrelated areas. She’s published articles in the Washington Post, Seattle Times, Science Careers, Bicycling, and NBC Health; and does content marketing for NGOs, universities, organizations, and companies.