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Alumnus’ startup harnesses blockchain for secure PPE processing

In a healthcare and technology story for University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science, I wrote about an alum who co-founded a profitable startup using blockchain — a list of data records organized into blocks that are chained together in chronological order — to empower purchasers and manufacturers to check one another’s financial stability, interact securely and transfer large payments.

From tech management to Oscar nominee: alumni Mike Scheuerman

A technology training, business, and arts story for University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science tells how an alum’s training in technology and project management proved valuable when his career shifted to working as a film producer in the social-impact space.

First year’s robotics work will help kids tell their stories

In this story about robotics and education for the University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science blog, a first-year student works to assemble a new technology platform for a research studio in which stuffed animals with automated contents ask preliterate children questions and encourage reflection about the art they create.

How lab and pharmacy collaborations are changing the healthcare landscape

A whitepaper-style report about how pharmacy, or therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) can ensure positive patient outcomes and balanced costs in diagnostic laboratories.

Feeling better: a wellness center story

A 4,000-employee laboratory’s blog story about how the in-house wellness center changed health and activity levels.

Better wellness for the country starts at…work?

A healthcare laboratory’s blog story about an in-house medical clinic’s role in better treatment accessibility.

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