You’ve arrived. Let’s talk about art and writing/editing.

Catherine B. Arnold can create or license illustrations, or write/edit features in the arts, science, health, environmental solutions, and urban planning. She’s published articles in the Washington Post, NBC Health, Seattle Times, Science Careers, and Bicycling; and does content marketing for NGOs, universities, organizations, and companies.

Read her work here for environment and public health; white papers, video scripts, ebooks, and reports; technology; higher ed/universities; and journalism.

She created this WordPress template website and actively manages its content; managed content at ARUP Laboratories and 33Universal; and edited projects for two government grantees, two book publishers, and GE Healthcare.

You can see updates to Catherine’s Substack newsletter Climbing Grasses, or reach her at cb daht arnold at gmail dot com. And let’s connect on Instagram, Linkedin, or on Linktree.